slumlord **** what are my rights*****

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    slumlord **** what are my rights*****

    I have an issue and want to know my rights in respects to dealing with my new landlord - I moved into this condo on 3/20/09 and shortly after moving in I discovered that the AC was not working.  I also discovered that the master bath toliet was running water constantly.  I notified the landlord on 3/5/09 when I paid my first full month of rent.  He advised me that he would get someone out to take care of the repairs.  It has taken over 3 1/2 weeks to fix the AC - I went through one week in 80degrees temperatures - and the toliet is still not fixed and we are almost to the next month in a few days -- What are my rights to making the landlord to compensate me for my inconveniences for the broken AC & toliet for over 3 weeks.  I want to pay my rent for the month of April but take him to small claims court - will I have a case


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    Re: slumlord **** what are my rights*****

    The question is WHY did it take three weeks to fix the AC.  If a special part had to be ordered and it took that long then there is no issue with the LL.  Some things just take time.

    Did the toilet work other than running constantly?  If so, then it is merely an annoyance as well as a waste of water but does not rise to the level to sustain a lawsuit.

    As an FYI:  I live in GA and we have not had a solid week yet of 80 degree temperatures and we have not been running the AC at our house.  In fact the past couple of weeks we have had the windows wide open and I use a small window fan at night for perfectly comfortable sleeping conditions that is WAY cheaper than running the AC.  Also, 80 degrees while uncomfortable for some people does not rise to the level of a health threat according to medical and power company standards.  I believe that threshold is 90 degrees.

    I don't see a basis for a small claims case.

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    Re: slumlord **** what are my rights*****

    Laymans take (as a retired LL)

    I presume your lease addresses that unit has AC?


    If AC now works it not an issue!


    You need to look up and follow with some aggression and assertiveness the GA landlord tenant laws as to "repair and deduct"--prior written notice to LL is critical


    Usually a running toilet is due to a 50 cent washer or a $1.00 flapper  that takes about 12 minutes for a person with a 6th grade education to replace ---but you get billed say $125 to have a licensed pro come do it.

    I doubt compensation for inconvenience is recoverable.


    But if toilet won't work properly and you notice LL in writing as per law and he is way too slow and you repair and deduct   you are on safe side of the law!  And he eats a $125 bill for an otherwise minor item

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