Sue sibling for forfeit my inheritance?

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  • Wed, Apr 29 2009 8:23 PM

    Sue sibling for forfeit my inheritance?

    My brother gave the safety deposit box keys to one other brothers and he went to the safety deposit box at the bank, and removed/destroyed my stock certificates to the family held corp, in which I was a MAJOR stockholder-now I have nothing. Can I sue the one brother for that? Yes, I know frivalous lawsuits are filed daily, but I mean legitamately!

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    Re: Sue sibling for forfeit my inheritance?

    Sure you can sue. Or raise a legal action with the probate court.

    Either way you are likely to have to hire your own lawyer.

    Appears from your prior posts that there have been significant issues going on for years.

    If you haven't had your own lawyer all that time, I imagine that there's been a lot of damage that can't be undone.

    By the way, seems to me that the stock certs should have been in your possession from the getgo. Why weren't they?

    Anyway, you might check with your state's corporation commission records to see if there is any documentation of you as a stockholder.


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  • Thu, Apr 30 2009 6:00 AM In reply to

    Re: Sue sibling for forfeit my inheritance?

    Adjuster Jack,

    Thanks, yeah 6 years is a long time. Alot of attorney fees! I have not had a lawyer now for 2 years since the L. took over the corp., they now will end up with alot of it-sound familiar?

    The stock cert. were held in a safety deposit box and were to be  given to us upon my Dad's death, but were filled out , as I had signed them over 20 yrs. ago. VA does not keep a record of stock cert., since all legally published on their site-how stupid is that? So, I guess there goes my inheritance-as I cannot afford to pay the L. bills anymore. "They ALL know this". Repeated scenario, just the names and towns change. Lovely justice system-no wonder folks go postal!

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    Re: Sue sibling for forfeit my inheritance?

    VA statte corp, has EVERYThing on file Except stock certificates-imagine that!

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    Re: Sue sibling for forfeit my inheritance?

    Dad was a mistrusting man, he kept all in the safety deposit boxes, I told him I did not want to be one of the executors years ago,little did I know the power I gave away then, nor that "the sibs would do such as this". Dad also would get mad a child and sometimes change the stock cert. but most importantly he just did not trust any of us to have them until he was dead.

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    Re: Sue sibling for forfeit my inheritance?

    Well you post 1001 problems-------------Your bother must be one slick work of art?


    But as a technical debate if Dad put your name on a stock but did NOT deliver said stock to you during his lifetime its quite possible he never completed the conveyance . Likewise if state law says the transfer is completed upon it recording on the company books and it was never recorded then it never got transferred. Good clue as to why books disappeared?

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