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Flooded Apartment....Tenant Rights?

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  • Fri, Jul 10 2009 5:13 PM

    Flooded Apartment....Tenant Rights?

    Hello all, 

    I moved into a 1BR apartment in February and signed a one-year lease. Shortly after I moved in (in April), the bedroom flooded. My landlords were very responsive and courteous, dried out the room, had the carpets cleaned, and attempted to make repairs. About one month later, the bedroom flooded again. Again, the landlords dried out the room, but this time they ripped out the carpet and interior sideboards. The carpet and sideboards have been left in that state since May. The landlords stated again that they believed they located and repaired the source of the flooding. Two nights ago, the bedroom flooded a third time. Each time, I have had many items irreparably damaged, and I have been forced to vacate the apartment for a few nights at a time during the repairs. 

    At this point, I want to move out of the apartment. The bedroom is clearly prone to flooding during any heavy rainfall, and after multiple failed attempts, I do not trust that the appropriate repairs have been made to prevent another flood. Mold is also a concern. In my opinion, the flooding has now become an issue of livability.

    When I opened up a conversation to my landlords about breaking the lease given the circumstances, they offered to dock my rent by two weeks for the inconvenience of the flooding, but they maintain that I cannot break the lease unless I find a subleasor. 

    What are my rights in this situation?

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