Any recourse against lack of union representation?

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    Any recourse against lack of union representation?

    My husband works for a large company.  A few months ago he was lumped together with several other men and suspended.  Improper receipt of pay, falsification of company documents and failure to perform work duties.  At this company workers are paid various job codes that always vary and your hours are separated out by regular hours, sunday hours overtime hours.  It is very difficult to know what you are being paid and why. You can consistently work 80 hours and your paychecks are never the same based on incentives, premiums, etc.  Add into that overtime and it all gets very complicated.  There was no way for us to tell that he was overpaid for some of his hours.  2 of the men were doing illegal things in order to up their incentive but the other men were not and only received the pay their manager told them they were entitled to.  All the men had one hearing all together.  The union did a very poor job of representing them, they did not have labor relations involved or anything.  The union "negotiated" with the company to allow the men to keep their jobs.  They had to sign a contract stating they would not file any type of lawsuits against the company on a local, state or federal level.  They had to say they committed fraud and agree to several terms including to pay back whatever they had been overpaid in the last year.  The union said to sign the contract or they would not have a job. They could take it to arbitration but they would lose.  Since this happened the company has started taking money out of each of the men's checks.  However they have not ever disclosed to the men how much they owe, how it was calculated, or how long the money will be coming out of their checks.  The men finally heard through the grapevine their total amounts, which is different for each of the men, but cannot receive confirmation from the union directly or from management at the company.  The amounts they owe is pretty much all of the incentive they were paid for the entire year.  Since they work in a position where they, by contract, are paid incentive, this seems ridiculous, but the union does not care and is not fighting this for them.  Also, one of the ways they were supposedly overpaid and committed fraud, is exactly how they are currently being paid.  This does not make sense, if it was "illegal" then why is it legal now?  The union also does not care about this and will not address this issue with the company on behalf of the men.  It seems ridiculous the amount we pay to the union, and they are just hanging all of these men out to dry.  Since we have no recourse against the company due the contract they signed under pressure during a poor economy to keep their jobs - can we file a suit agains the union for poor / improper representation?

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