Probation Violation Georgia

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    Probation Violation Georgia

    My fiancee was stopped in the street, not doing anything bad by the police, they said they were trying to get to know people in the neighborhood  he provided a fake name and eventually when he did provide his real name it came up that he had a warrant for probation violation.

    He had spoke with his probation officer months before the incident and asked was there anything he could do to avoid probation suspension for not paying as he had lost his job, the officer advised that if he paid his fees in full he would place him on non report, so he sent him a money order for the payment in full. After it was recieved he spoke with the officer again who now said he still owed more monies, which we did not have.

    When booked my fiancee received his warrant for probation violation issued the same month he spoke with the officer,it says fees owed were only 206.00!!! But he was advised he owed 529.00. Furthermore when I spoke with the probation officer he said he never spoke with my fiancee after April and had he been advised the monies were recieved which were well over the amount he owed he would have never suspended his probation and would have removed the warrant. But he did speak with him a few times after that I have phone records to show it, but like the probation officer said he oversees 800+ offenders he does not have time to babysit.

    My fiancee went to the revocation hearing and the woman offered him 90 days even though his probation officer recommended reinstatement. He tried to explain the entire situation and the woman said there were no notes on file of payment being recieved, advised him they would discuss it further before 5pm and sent him back to the holding cell, of course he never went back in front of the probation board, there was no paper work signed agreeing or rejecting the sentence, there has been no contact from his probation officer and I only get a voicemail when I call.

    How long can they do this for? He has no legal council as I cannot afford that. I called the public defender's office and they said he was supposed to be meeting with one as he had a court date for providing a false name on 7/17 but then at the last minute they changed his date to 8/28!! He has been in for almost 40 days now with no clue as to when or how he can get out of there. Oh yeah this is in the great state of Georgia, who from what I have read has a really horrible judicial  system,

    Any suggestions as to what I can do to further expedite the resolution of this all, I have already written a letter to the Chief Probation Officer highlighting my concerns, what else can I do?

    Thank you


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    Re: Probation Violation Georgia

    Angelina C:
    from what I have read has a really horrible judicial system,

    Defendants typically think that of every system they get sucked into.

    Is he on probation or PAROLE?  Probation events normally go back in front of a judge, although a state could have a different system.  Parole events usually go before a parole board.

    Angelina C:
    He has been in for almost 40 days now with no clue as to when or how he can get out of there.

    If he's like any of my clients, you aren't getting the whole story.  In my experience criminal defendants usually don't read the documents the court gives them, which can help explain what is going on.

    All monies owed by a probationer should be backed up by documentation.  The PO can't just make numbers up unless you let him.

    HE needs to call the public defender's office.

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