+Schedule Award payment when receiving loss of wages

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    +Schedule Award payment when receiving loss of wages

    I was awarded a schedule award because I was participating in the Rehabilitation Program.  They could not pay the schedule award concurrently with my wage differential check, so I only ended up receiving approximately $2000 for a 5% rating because I did not receive my montly check for the months I received the schedule award payment.  I have since appealed the 5% and could be getting an additional percentage.  Can I avoid getting cheated on the schedule award this time, by possibly getting a lump sum? And my other question is, I am now receiving SSD for other disorders.  I am not working presently, and am wondering, if I am receiving a wage differential, and am considered totally disabled, and not able to work, should I be getting paid a full compensation?, and can I get my other disorders accounted for in the schedule award?

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    Re: +Schedule Award payment when receiving loss of wages

    You are correct when you note that you cannot collect a scehdule injury award during the same period you are receiving wage loss compensation.


    If you get a lump sum and the time period for which the lump sum rans conflicts with any wage loss, one will cancel out the other.


    Without know what you other conditions are for which you are receiving SSD, it is impossible to tell if these would be compensable under your W/C claim. Remember, the tests for receiving W/C and SSD are very different and because you are receiving benefits for one, does not mean you are entitled to benefits for the other. Under SSD, you need not prove causation; under W/C you must show that your conditions are work related in order for them to become compensable.

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