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Temporary restraining order. False Accusations.

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    Temporary restraining order. False Accusations.

    My friend and I have a restraining order on this woman who has been stalking us.  My children are on my restraining order due to the fact that she threatened to harm my kids. Everything was going fine and we saw no sign of this woman until she approached my friend and his mother at a store. She followed them into the store making a scene. They called the police which then she was arrested.  One week later she files a temporary restraining order on my friend, his mother and I. She put all dramatic lies in the restraining order saying stuff like we were video taping her at her house, and we wait outside her apartments to follow her everywhere she goes. I have not seen this woman since the court date which my restraining order was granted. I have scheduled a hearing but most likely will have to pay $320.00 for the hearing. I need advice. I know she is doing this for retailation because she went to jail.  None of what she is saying is true. What should I do? She has no proof of anything, she will have her " friends" there to lie for her. I have a clean record and thats how I want to keep this. Any advice? Should I get a lawyer? Can I sue her for the $320.00 that I will have to pay for the false accusations? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Temporary restraining order. False Accusations.

    You tell the judge your side of the story and she figures out who is telling the truth.


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