Lawyer won't pay settlement money

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    Lawyer won't pay settlement money

    I got into an accident back in January09. I started getting collection notices from ambulance, physicians, hospital etc in March. I've been sending them to my lawyer's office but they keep telling me that I should call them.

    I did eventhough I know it's their job. They told me that if I can't afford to pay the co-pays, the lawyer's office should send them a letter of consent that they will get paid as soon as the case settles.

    I've been calling, faxing and e-mailing my lawyers office and continously sending them bills. Now it's not collection notices from hospital but it's now with collection companies. Still asked my lawyer to call collection companies and send me a letter of consent. Nothing happened. They just repeatedly ask me to fax them a copy everytime I get a hold of my lawyer.

    On July 17th, the case finally settled but my lawyer got a settlement of 30k less than our medical bills (32K)so she told us that she will try my insurance company and try and get more money. I asked her for the breakdown. doctor's medical bills, hopital, chiro and how it was allocated. July 23 my lawyer got another offer from my insurance. In short, my medical claims were paid by insurance companies already.

    I've been calling, leaving numerous message but not getting a phone call.  I later found out that the case settled and not all the doctors and chiro were included in their filing (????). I told her that how come my husband got more medical bills when he only went a couple of times to the same doctor, same therapy and I went more than 2 months. My lawyer told me that it will be corrected.I called my lawyer and asked her when will this fixed.She said she can't pay anybody yet unless they fix everything. 

    It's been a month but no settlement on my part yet. I am still having problem with collection companies and still don't have the breakdown of all the bills. I am asking for it because I want to make sure that all the medical bills are paid.

    She started to raise her voice on me and told me that she's tired and will call me again as soon as she get an answer.

    It's been 2 weeks and haven't heard from her. No list of all medical bills, didn't call any collection offices. Her secretary told me that they are still trying to get a discount from some of the doctors and they can't give us any money until they get a response.

    What should I do. I am very upset. Please help.



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    Re: Lawyer won't pay settlement money

    Laymans take: Look if you want your lawyer to sort out your bills and every time a collector calls you refer them to counsel then you need to sort out how to PAY your lawyer for all this junk you are dumping on theri doorstep!


    And if you expect lawyer to barter with all your creditors you need to PAY her for that as well.

    Now if lawyers billing rate is $250/hr and your billing rate is $15/hr you need to wise up and do a lot of your own laundry.  I'm pretty  good on some billing matters and my guess is if it takes me 12 hrs to sort it out even a good attorney won't get it done in less than  8 --and the attorney deserves to be paid for her time.


    And if you got a settlement of $30,000 odds are the priority is to pay legal costs FIRST--so what makes you think that such a settlement will put a dent in your other debts?


    And if its clear to me that you won't or cannot pay me then exactly how hard do you expect me to work for you ? ?


    Should have sorted that out by about grade 6?



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