claiming body from morgue

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    claiming body from morgue

    HI there I'm in California, My friend just passed the past weekend and his body is still in the Morgue waiting for claiming. The problem is that he was gay and had a life partner but because the state of california doesn't let those things be legal his partner can't claim the body. His mom lives out of the country and is unable to fly and his father is refusing to return his partners and the coroners phone calls. So my question is what can my friend's partner do to claim his body and get his services done.

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    Re: claiming body from morgue

    Probably open a probate proceeding. That MIGHT give him some authority to deal with a body.

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    Re: claiming body from morgue

    Any friend (regardless of the nature of the relationship) can apply to the probate court to become administrator of the estate.

    If the estate is under 100,000 there is a simplified process.

    As long as other relatives don't raise any objection, once he becomes the court authorized administrator he will be able to arrange for the funeral and the funeral home will pick up the body.

    California courts have a lot of pre-printed forms available as well as self help resources.



    You can also google california small estates for additional information.


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