Can I lose my house in a lawsuit

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    Can I lose my house in a lawsuit

    My 21 year old daughter had an accident 6 weeks ago in my car, she had edged out to see around a large tree and cars parked on the side of the road, and a man on a scooter skimmed off my bumper and off the road into a ditch. Wearing sandals and shorts there were no visible scratches or cuts, but he said his back hurt. I offered to call an ambulance, he declined, then finally said yes. The ambulance came as well as the state police ( we live in Pa.) but he declined the ambulance and said he was ok. I have pictures of the corner and how hard it was to see and the troopers said there are accidents there frequently because of poor visibility. My insurance paid $5000 in damages to the scooter, but he has now retained a lawyer, saying he has internal injuries and my agent has said they will exceed the $15,000 my policy has on it. I am afraid I will lose my house, I don't have anything else of value. Can I lose my house....

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    Re: Can I lose my house in a lawsuit

    Becky H:
    Can I lose my house....

    Depends on how much equity you have in the house.

    Last time I looked, PA doesn't have a homestead exemption.

    So you might have to sell your house to pay a judgment that exceeds your policy limits.

    However, it's way too early to be concerned about that.

    The guy has a long way to go to prove his "internal injuries" and your insurance company will defend any lawsuit if it can't settle within the policy limit.


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    Re: Can I lose my house in a lawsuit


    is the tree on private or city property is the first question also if it is on private property has any one

    notified the owner by certified return reciept mail, if you are sued and can not pay you might want

    to consider filing for bankruptcy. As far as I know they cant take your house if you do.


    Good Luck


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