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  • Thu, Oct 22 2009 2:23 PM

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    Stop Sign Approval Sticker

    On October 3rd, I was cited a ticket for disregard of a stop sign. I was told a couple of years ago, that the stop sign must have a state approved installation sticker on the sign to be considered government property. For example, a stop sign in a Target parking lot would not require me to stop by law because it is Target's property, not the state's. This particular stop sign I failed to fully stop at has no sticker, as well as the rest of the signs in the small neighborhood. I took a date stamped picture on my cell phone immediately after I was cited.

    I hope this is true because I currently am very tight on money, wanted to bring in a picture of the stop sign with no approval sticker, and plead not guilty in court to avoid having to pay another fine.

    I have read through the Texas Transportation Code under section 544, but cannot seem to find what im talking about. Is what I heard an urban legend or did I overlook it?

    Any help would be very much apreciated.


    Thank you,


  • Thu, Oct 22 2009 2:34 PM In reply to

    • Drew
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    Re: Stop Sign Approval Sticker

    You need to get the exact cite in law or ordinance otherwise you are destined to lose--and even with cite unless you know rules of court you are probably destined to lose.


    If you already plead guilty it may be too late.


    Issue has a decent grain of truth in it---a number of signs in my neighborhood were simply wrong, not per code, the enabling ordinance was wrong , in one case it identified wrong block , signs were missing required details --and so forth-all the parking meters in next town over were "wrong"--folks who properly cited errors were found not guilty--locally.  I have no specific clues about private signs and enforcement. Other than its your job to sort of prove them wrong and judge will assume police right absent same.

    But I'm not sure the source of sign is critical UNLESS you find some law that says it is!


    No clue if its legend or not in TX.

  • Thu, Oct 22 2009 2:40 PM In reply to

    • mudpie
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    Re: Stop Sign Approval Sticker

    Most state traffic laws are based on public roadways, so most moving violations on private property (ie malls etc) can probably be contested based on the "application" definition in state code. DUI as an exception. My state code specifically states in Chapter One that the traffic laws apply to public roadways.

  • Thu, Oct 22 2009 3:54 PM In reply to

    Re: Stop Sign Approval Sticker

    Sorry, but if that stop sign was on the corner and you got caught rolling through it, none of your little technicalities are going to prevent you from getting a conviction and paying a fine.


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  • Thu, Oct 22 2009 3:56 PM In reply to

    • LynnM
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    Re: Stop Sign Approval Sticker

    Sounds like urban legend to me.

  • Fri, Oct 23 2009 12:39 PM In reply to

    • Ford
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    Not remotely likely . . .

    Otherwise people would just be removing those stickers left and right, and people would be dying.

    Stop signs are effective and enforceable based on where they are located, depending on the elements of the statute.  As an example, there are three basic kinds of property: 1) private, like a house's driveway; 2) private held open to the public, like the McDonald's parking lot; 3) public, like the roads.  In my state you can be as drunk as you want on private property while driving.  Not on the other two.

    Failing to stop at a stop sign probably requires that you be operating a vehicle on a public roadway, but it depends on state law.

    Most of what you hear people say about criminal law isn't true.  I have a very difficult time getting a drink at a bar without wanting to split someone's head open because they are spouting off about criminal law . . .

  • Fri, Oct 23 2009 1:55 PM In reply to

    Try drinking more liquor. That might work.

    "I have a very difficult time getting a drink at a bar "

  • Fri, May 24 2013 2:14 PM In reply to

    • gsky
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    Re: Stop Sign Approval Sticker

    In Florida: 

    Section A601 Traffic Control Signal and Device Evaluation and Certification/Approval

    States that any traffic control device must be certified. A stop sign is a traffic control device. To that end, there are workers that get a list of signs (not just STOP signs) to go wipe down and place a certification sticker on then yearly (A lot like an officer has to calibrate their radar gun daily). They are only responsible to maintain FL DOT (or county and municipal) signs. Those in parking lots or private property are not on their lists, therefore they do not get certified yearly.

    Lawyers are using this fact to fight tickets that are written for signs on private property and those signs that are out of certification, successfully.  

    That being said, please stop ata all stop signs. It is just the safe thing to do.

  • Fri, May 24 2013 2:28 PM In reply to

    Old thread

    Just a note to others before they respond to the OP. The orginal thread here was from 2009, and thus is over 3 years old.

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