Maryland Grand Theft Auto

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    Maryland Grand Theft Auto

    My car was stolen from in front of my house.  The thief had my spare key.  I don't know how he got it, he may have broken into my house. But no one is sure. The police caught him driving it the next day.  No physical damage was done to the car.  Does anyone know the sentencing laws for grand theft auto in the state of Maryland?

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    Re: Maryland Grand Theft Auto


    But you can google and probably find it.


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    Re: Maryland Grand Theft Auto

    I tried.  I can't find anything.

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    Re: Maryland Grand Theft Auto

    CRIM. LAW § 7-105


          (a) In this section, "owner" means a person who has a lawful interest in or is in lawful possession of a motor vehicle by consent or chain of consent of the title owner.

          (b) A person may not knowingly and willfully take a motor vehicle out of the owner's lawful custody, control, or use without the owner's consent.

          (c) A person who violates this section:

          (1) is guilty of the felony of taking a motor vehicle and on conviction is subject to imprisonment not exceeding 5 years or a fine not exceeding $5,000 or both; and

          (2) shall restore the motor vehicle or, if unable to restore the motor vehicle, pay to the owner the full value of the motor vehicle.

          (d) (1) This section does not preclude prosecution for theft of a motor vehicle under § 7-104 of this part.

          (2) If a person is convicted under § 7-104 of this part and this section for the same act or transaction, the conviction under this section shall merge for sentencing purposes into the conviction under § 7-104 of this part.

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