FERS Disability SSI/SSDI

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    FERS Disability SSI/SSDI


    I have applied for SSI/SSDI claims also my FERS disability retirement with in 1 month of each other. All claims are moving forward and I am hoping that I receive to be granted by SSDI along with FERS. My FERS just received a claim number and now at OPM. How long for the complete processing of the FERS and when do you receive interim payments as I was told. My department has threaten me to return to work even though my doctor removed me permanent total disabled they my supervisor and management have signed off on my FERS disability retirement package. Then I received this threatening letter which was composed by LER Labor Employee Relations and Management for no LWOP, no AWOL maybe  Termination. I have documented everything for my injury including notes and letters how and why I received my injury and force to do the work. I was told that my TSP would be released upon complettion of the assigned claim number HR had to put it through.


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    Re: FERS Disability SSI/SSDI

    You have asked many questions. As far as back pay and interim payments... Payments will not begin until after you're approved for them!

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