Fired for Injuries on the Job

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    Fired for Injuries on the Job

    I recently got fired from my factory job in Illinois for having "three injuries within the probationary period," only one of which required any medical attention. I am certain there was no contract that I signed stating this "three injuries and you're out" rule. I am not disabled from any of the injuries, and can perform my job as expected. I followed all safety procedures, and was not under influence of alcohol or drugs. In fact, I was tested for alcohol and drugs and was given a psych test before I was given medical treatment for the one injury that required it. Do I have a case, or since the firing was within the probationary period they can fire me for any reason?

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    Re: Fired for Injuries on the Job

    They could pretty much fire you at any time for any reason.

    If you got fired while you were on a workers compensation claim, that might be illegal.

    But if you didn't file any claims, or recovered from the injuries and was back at work, then firing you is probably legal.

    You can check with your state's labor regulatory agency or consult an attorney.


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    Re: Fired for Injuries on the Job

    Apparently you are clumsy at whatever your job requires. That's a legal ground to fire you.

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