Unlawful Detainer

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    Unlawful Detainer

    Riverside County, California  Month to Month Rental

    I received proper notice to leave a place I rented when the Landlord got irritated with me continuesly complaining about no heater working. I received the notice to leave on the 6th day of February. When I first moved in I was required to pay first and last months rent and give a minimum 30 day notice I would leave or loose my last months rent. This meant I would be in the unheated place for the cold months of February and March. I would stay somewhere elseon cold nights and bought electric heating fans. So when the end of March came along a delay in moving to my new placed came up and I would need to stay another 5-7 days. The landlord said no way.

    I was mad because of all the inconvenience he brought my way so I stayed in the place the extra week I needed. I had talked with folks about my situation and read California Landlord-Tenant laws. I was served Unlawful Detainer papers on the 4th of the month. I felt from the laws on Tenants that landlord retaliation for complaining about the heat, a requirement to have in a rental unit, and me staying elsewhere where sufficient to argue my case when I go to court. I represented myself and the landlord had his Attorney represent him. But the Judge said my arguement was for a different court and granted a Judgement for the Landlord, one additional months rent I had to pay because I stayed till the 7th of the month and other court cost totaling $1,200.

    The law clearly states about retaliation and heating unit must work. So what court is the Judge talking about? What do I do now?


    Steve Murphy

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