Getting penalized for using my earned benefits!!!

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  • Wed, Jan 6 2010 7:45 PM

    Getting penalized for using my earned benefits!!!

    Alright I work in retail and our company has issued a new policy.  We now have a "points system" which penalizes you for attendence infractions.  The  way this point system breaks down is you receive a half a point for clocking in either 5 minutes or more early or 5 minutes or more too late. You receive 1 point if you call out, and you receive 4 points if you do not show up or call.  Once you reach 3 points you get a written warning, another written warning at 5 points, and then once you've hit your 6th point your are then terminated.  These points are on a 6 month rolling period, so if I accumliate a point in December it will not clear out of the system until June, and I accumulate another in January that one will clear out in July.  Now Full Time employees get benefits, right??? We get PAID sick time, right??????  Is it even right that I can be penalized for using a day of sick time?  So that's right, you heard it correctly!  I've worked my year gotten  my vacation time,  a few personal days, and paid sick time.  So then tell me why when I'm puking uncontrolably and I call out sick that morning that yes I'll get paid for it, but why am I still getting a point for that day??  uuugh irritation :X

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    Re: Getting penalized for using my earned benefits!!!

    Providing paid sick time is not the same as excusing every absence until the sick time is exhausted.  What the employer is doing is perfectly legal.

    Seriously, you want the company to give you an excused absence because you overindulge and then are too hung over to come to work or to get there on time?  Time to learn some responsibility.  Save your overindulging for nights you don't have to get up and go to work the next morning.

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