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Can I sue a roofing contractor?

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Latest post Sun, Jan 24 2010 11:18 PM by Vadgue.1026. 1 replies.
  • Sun, Jan 24 2010 8:09 PM

    Can I sue a roofing contractor?

    Last May I had a new roof installed @ $5200. As time has passed I've found more issues of poor workmanship ie: roofing nail backing out punching holes in shingles above that covered them, no ove... in places and not enough in others allowing rain water to run behind the gutters, and now have a leak in my garage roof. I'm embarassed to admit this as I'm usually not this way but I have very little in the way of a contract from this company. At the time I was on an anti-depressant (my first time) which caused me to be too laid back and not attentive to details. After I took myself off of this my head cleared and I became myself again, I started seeing these issues. They did not do some things we verbally upon and I understand since I didn't get these in writing their pointless to pursue. However,&... workmanship is clearly not up to industry standards and this is my only hope of  pursue them with. One third of the shingles on the backside of our house are incorrectly installed. The horizontal lines wave up and down and the vertical lines wave side to side. These line should line up top to bottom and side to side. They originally installed this 1/3 the same way. I pointed this out so they ripped brand new shingles off and started again ending up with the same results. When completed they contractor loaded up an unopened case of roofing nails, two full sheets of new but unneeded plywood decking, and three unused cans of spray paint. I asked if these shouldn't be left as I paid for them and he replied the material was "all inclusive" but on the front end I paid $2500 to cover materials. I had asked on the front end of they were licensed and one said they were. After the fact I found they are not licensed by the state of Tennessee. On top of all this I'm physically disabled but am having to correct their junk work myself a little at a time as I'm physically able though the wavy shingle on the rear of the house I cannot do. This is a lot more involved (they dented my trucks hood, I fired them once, etc.) but from what I've touched on, do I have grounds to sue? If  so, would I have a decent chance of winning a judgement?  And lastly, what field of expertise would I look under for legal representation? 

    Thanks in advance

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