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civil charge dismissed, now criminal

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    civil charge dismissed, now criminal

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    I was riding passenger in a car when we were pulled over by Tucson Police Dpt. officers. The driver received a civil citation for failure to yield leaving a driveway. One officer asked me for my Drivers license, but i hadn't yet replaced mine after it was stolen. I gave them my full name and birth date and then they came back with the ELECTRONICALLY PRINTED ticket for the driver. He didn't look the ticket over before he signed but later when he made his first court appearance at Tucson City Court, he noticed the ticket had my name, drivers license info, HIS SSN, HIS phone number, HIS vehicle shown as registered at MY vehicles registered address. He filed a motion to have a hearing, which we just went to last week.

    Since Monday 1/25/10 Tucson Police Department has started sending a representative officer in to act as prosecutor in civil traffic cases. So before my case the judge dismissed 4 or 5 others, based on the fact that the defendant has the right to face their accusers. By the time my friend and I went up to fight ours, the officer was obviously frustrated. The judge dismissed our case almost immediately, but the officer pulled us aside and demanded my friend give him his drivers license because he "suspected that a misdemeanor had occurred", that one or both of us had given false information to the police the night my friend was cited. When he threatened to arrest us both on the spot, my friend produced his license.

    If this officer would simply talk to the officers who cited us, he could figure out what happened. If he would simply LOOK AT THE TICKET, check the MVD records etc, he would realize we didn't commit a crime. Now he's trying to build a case against us.

    What should we do in the mean time, or if we are charged?

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    Re: civil charge dismissed, now criminal

    If you are charged, get an attorney


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