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Civil Rights Violation

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    Civil Rights Violation

     I have a similar issue as the ACLU Santa Monica case but much worse.

    I live in one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S. which the Sheriffs Dept. alone has a $50,000,000 a year budget.

    I have been the victim of police dicrimination based upon my disibilty, race and living situation.

    I became homeless after losing my home in forclosure, getting injured on the job and then losing a business to are great economic depression.

    I started camping on open space which is a non-traffic infraction.

    I would not have had a problem but discovered county deputies hunting(poaching) on open space without the publics knowledge seven times and filed complaints with the Fish & Game, DOJ, FBI and CaDOJ which infuriated the Sheriffs whom retaliated for my honesty and have been viciously persecuted since then. In the first case two firearm shell casings were recovered but the two deputies refused to take them, then one deputy and one fish & game agent went onto private property where my car was parked without my permission or the owners and searched my vehicle for a bogus stolen firearm they said was stolen nearby and when no firearm could be found the fish & game agent cited me for possesing one bird feather which he was guessing was a raptor feather but was from a turkey, that case was dropped before it even got to court. The last time they were caught hunting was on 2-4-10 and they had some guy with nightvision, gun with nightvision scope with silencer and a box that he was dropping his shot animals into that had contained some super deadly toxic poison.

    Since then I have been cited twice for camping without a permit which both times they attempted to file it as a misdemeanor and was told by the citing Deputy that they were in the process of changing the law just for me which the D.A. dismissed both times due to the fact no law exist yet.

    This department over the last two years has used over 100 deputies, about 35 search & rescue personel with 15-20 different dogs and the use of the CHP plane and helicopter. I have logged more then 500 individual helicopter flights alone which can last for two weeks at a time circling the open space area.

    I have been able to avoid them due too their low intelligence and have observed their actions during this time which for example they referred to me as a dog by saying "Here charlie, here boy, where you at charlie, always getting ahead of us and losing us" as I sat on the side of a trail watching them. Then there was the time when three of them were looking into a drainage pipe and discussing how this would be a good place to hide which then the leader said "You go that way and I'll go up this trail to see if we can find him" referring to me.

    If I move they just follow me to another location. They have also sat outside of my classroom at school trying to follow me.

    Can someone tell me how legal their actions are since they have been violating numerous laws this whole time which includes hunting lions that are supposed to be protected under our State Laws.

    Any legal advice would be helpful at this time since a Lawyer can not be hired due to my financial situation.



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