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Settlement how long?

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Latest post Tue, Mar 23 2010 11:44 AM by Attorney Riviere. 6 replies.
  • Fri, Mar 19 2010 7:41 AM

    Settlement how long?

    I had mediation a month ago and we came to a settlement(washout) I have signed all settlement papers, was wondering how long it takes to get check?

  • Fri, Mar 19 2010 9:32 AM In reply to

    Re: Settlement how long?

    Call up the claim rep and ask.


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  • Fri, Mar 19 2010 12:01 PM In reply to

    Re: Settlement how long?

    Defense counsel usually holds the paperwork for submission until they get the checks in.  So until they get the check, the paperwork won't go to the judge for approval.  Usually 30 to 45 days.

  • Sat, Mar 20 2010 11:10 AM In reply to

    Re: Settlement how long?

    Is that 30-45 days from mediation or 30-45 days from when I signed all the paper work?

  • Mon, Mar 22 2010 11:18 AM In reply to

    Re: Settlement how long?

    From the day you signed the paperwork.

  • Mon, Mar 22 2010 4:17 PM In reply to

    Re: Settlement how long?

    Sorry to be a pest but the day of mediation my attorney said it would be 4-6 weeks till I get my check. I signed the papers at mediation that stated All medical stops as of today(the day of mediation) and I agree to the settlement and so on.

    A week ago I signed all the papers that needed to be notirized etc. So it would be an additional 30-45 days from that set of papers I signed?

    Another question. When the attorney gets the check and then writes a check out to me, does he mail that to me or do I have to go and get that? .....and how long does a check usually take to clear?

  • Tue, Mar 23 2010 11:44 AM In reply to

    Re: Settlement how long?

    Well, your attorney said 4-6 weeks from the mediation, and you sgned the settlement paperwork a week after mediation.  My estimate of 30-45 days after signing is about what your atty. told you.

    Checks typically take 3 days to clear if it's an instate check, 5 days if it's out of state.

    You can pick up the check at your atty's office if you say you want to pick up the check.

    Your atty should be able to tell you all of this....



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