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Submitting False Information on Legal Documents

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Latest post Mon, Apr 12 2010 4:14 PM by adjuster jack. 5 replies.
  • Mon, Apr 12 2010 8:44 AM

    Submitting False Information on Legal Documents

    I have a question concerning someone that swears to and submits false information on legal documents that are submitted to the Courts for court hearings of things of different matters such as divorce, child support issues, bankruptcy, etc. even her taxes.   However, I'm not sure what I can do about it without getting myself or other people in trouble.  For example, this woman I know lies on court documents that she files with the court system - I have seen what she has signed her name to and submitted.  Recently I obtained copies of all the paperwork that she filed with the Bankruptcy Court last year - through the Pacer system, but I'm not sure if anyone can do this and if these documents are considered "public record" or not now that the case is closed.  If they are considered "public record", then I can't see how me saying something about the false information on them can get me in trouble.   But anyway, I was looking for some infomration on these papers to help out a friend on another issue with their answer to the Court for a Petition she filed against him.  In doing so, I found that there was a lot of things on the bankruptcy papers that she lied about, and I mean large amounts of money, dates were off and things that I thought were critical about being false even on the bankruptcy papers.  The people she has gone after for child support, divorce, and other things are good friends of mine so they showed me copies of what she submitted to the courts pertaining to their cases.  The differences in income, the value of things like property to expenses every month, to the business she had closed one year according to her bankruptcy and then on her taxes she didn't close it until the following year so her ex-husband wouldn't be filing joint with her to get any compensation for her losing the business.  She would adjust the information on the court papers to benefit what issue she was dealing with at the time. Her child support papers showed such a sad story of having all these expenses and she just couldn't make it on her salary but her bankruptcy didn't show half of these expenses and her income was like $20k less then on the other documents and her second mortgage payment was $500 more a month then it really was.  She also claimed to have no assests such as furniture and jewelry on one document and then on the other she had thousands of dollars worth.  On her bankruptcy papers and her divorce papers when she was trying to keep the family vehicle it had a value of $5000, however, when her ex-husband won it in the divorce, all the sudden it wasn't worth anything when he said that he would give it to her if she paid for half the value. 

    If you compared the legal documents this woman has submitted to the courts (Bankruptcy and County) in the past 2 years, you would never know that you were reading the information about the same person.  It really bothers me that she continually is doing this and is being able to get away with it.  But the things she lies about - there is never a time during the hearing to bring up about where she has lied. This woman is greedy and will do whatever it takes and drag whoever she can into court to get easy money from them.  I figured the Courts would see that by now and put a stop to it but in the meantime she is wasting a lot of time of the Court System, of my friends and costing them money - whether it's from them taking off work or actually ending up losing to her.  She even has her mother coming to court and lying for her so documentation is the best thing against her. 

    I guess my question is - I know this is none of my business but these are my friends she is doing this too.  Can something be done?  I was thinking about writing an anonymous letter into the Bankruptcy Court and pointing out the false information and seeing if they will reopen the case and go from there but I didn't know if me having the copy of the case is not considered "public record" and this might back fire in my face and get me in trouble and not her.  The other court cases she is doing now - I am helping my friends write the answers and attach the documents that show where she is lying about things so she can't keep going with this (hopefully) but I really think she got away with a lot in the past, especially with the bankruptcy, and I think she should answer to it and pay for it.  But again, like with her taxes, her ex-husband had to file joint with her the last year they were together when the business was closed, and because he has a reading and writing disability - he just signed the tax papers where "her" accountant/tax perparer told him too.  Then the following year when they didn't file joint, is when she claimed to have dissolved the business and she got all the tax breaks from it herself.  However, on the bankruptcy papers the date says it was dissolved the first year.  But the ex-husband is afraid if he turns her in to the IRS for it - he will  also get in trouble for that last year he filed joint with her and it wasn't on there even though he didn't know, he signed his name to it.

    Sorry, for the long explanation.  It just really yurks me when people think they are above the legal system and actually get away with it and it cost a lot of innocent people that don't deserve it alot of money and wasted time. And this time all these people this person is doing it to are friends of mine and I can't sit by and watch her keep doing it and the Courts let her get away with it.  She needs to stop abusing our Court system and using it to help her get what she wants dishonestly.

    Anyone have any legal words of advice?  Are these documents I have actually "public record" that anyone could really get some how so I can go ahead and do my civil duty?  I can't afford an Attorney and I believe "what goes around, comes around".  But I can't wait much longer because I am watching my friends lose stuff and money to her that she has no real right to while she laughs her way to the bank.  And any other suggestions you can give me would greatily be appreciated.


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    Re: Submitting False Information on Legal Documents

    If they are considered "public record", then I can't see how me saying something about the false information on them can get me in trouble.

    That's easy.

    You can be sued for defamation. Even if what you say is true, you get to spend $20,000 on defending yourself against the lawsuit. That enough trouble for you?

    On the other hand, if you have any DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE, you have the option of sending it anonymously to the bankruptcy trustee and to the other party in the divorce case.

    If you don't have any DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE, I suggest you mind your own business.

    I hope you understand why I have emphasized DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE.

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    Re: Submitting False Information on Legal Documents

    Not to mention that your "friend" who has an upcoming divorce with her is perfectly capable of refuting any documents she falsifies in family court; that's up to him.  Why isn't he doing it?


  • Mon, Apr 12 2010 3:08 PM In reply to

    Re: Submitting False Information on Legal Documents

    He has already divorced her.  She keeps petetioning the court to reopen the divorce case claiming he isn't going by what was agreed in the papers which isn't true.  And even though he is able to prove it with his answer - they still schedule a hearing, at which time he presents his proof to the Court and it's usually dismissed- it is wasting a lot of time and money for everyone.  But how many times are they going to let her keep doing that?  But htat isn't what is the big issue.

  • Mon, Apr 12 2010 3:13 PM In reply to

    Re: Submitting False Information on Legal Documents

    I DO HAVE THE DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE!!!  That's how I know all of the different things she has filled out is false.  And when she is doing this and wasting taxing payers money PLUS hurting my friends - I won't stand by and mind my own business when I know she is doing it and getting away with it.  Isn't that just like helping her do it and get away with it.

    You might turn the other cheek but I sure as heck wouldn't!

  • Mon, Apr 12 2010 4:14 PM In reply to

    Re: Submitting False Information on Legal Documents

    It's not a matter of turning the other cheek.

    It's a matter of you not being a party to the bankruptcy or the divorce and have no legal standing to do anything.

    If you have documents that prove she falsified her bankruptcy papers send your documents to the bankruptcy trustee.

    If you have documents that prove she provided falsified information to the divorce court, give the documents to her ex. It's up to him to fend for himself.

    If you meddle in this in any other way you are likely to dig yourself a hole that you can't get out of.


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