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Felony Obstruction of officer (Georgia)

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Latest post Sun, May 9 2010 7:27 PM by superman1. 2 replies.
  • Sun, May 9 2010 6:56 PM

    Felony Obstruction of officer (Georgia)

    I was just indicted on a felony charge of Obstructing a officer. (He accuses me of poking him the eye) I didn't!!! This whole mess results from a domestic call to my home made by my wife. She got mad at me and broke my cell phone and I returned the favor and broke her cell phone..(Pretty juevenile I know) Anyway two officers arrived the first was very proffesional and respectfull of the situation the second arrived lights and sirens blaring and was obviously very annoyed when he approached us...After the two officers had done their investigation they deceided they would they be taking me to jail for criminal trespass( breaking her phone under $300) this is because she, My wife denied everything and me being the kind of person I am said yes I did break her phone, but only after she first broke mine...By this time i was very upset and having a hard time breathing. I have a 15 year history battling mental illnes I have severe Panic Attacks, Aghoraphobia, and Depressuin and Social Anxiety Disorder. I have been treated for this 15years and I have good times and some not so good times. Recently I havent been able to leave my home with out having someone with me (a safe person) and thats only for short trips less than 6 miles or so. So my wife informed them of my situation and that I was agoraphobic and had panic attacks and so on. By this time i was feeling like I ws going to stop breathing and pass out so I requested an ambulance. They arrived and took my vitals and said yes you probaly need to go get checked out on the account of my blood pressure and heart rate were too high...So I said I would do that...The annoed officer said lets go so I got up off the bench and proceded to walk to the back of the Ambulance, about 20ft from the back of the Van the officer grabbed my shoulder and elbow and kinda slung me around and said slow down..I steady my self on my feet and the officer proceeds to start manhandleing me. I am confused at this point he hasnt given me in instructions just pulling and tugging on me and I felt as if I was trying to be thrown to the ground. He grabbed me around the neck and I just sort of stood there trying to keep my feet. At this point he still had not gave me any instructions and I was very confused. He called for his partner who was inside interviewing the wife he arrived and they both grabbed me and said get on the ground which I did to the best of my ability when you have two guys manhandling you. I proceeded down to my belly to the best of my ability and the aggravated officer said something about pepper spray..And them I got a mouthfull of mace (wow that stuff is bad) I guess he was not happy with the location of the shot of pepper spay so he got close and delivered a nice blast to my eyes..At that point I was what I beleived to be at the deaths door. I was already sick and disoriented from a full blonw panic attack and now I literally cant breath or see..They get me too my knees and load me into the back of the Van. I got to the hospital and the nurse got me cleaned up a little and got me some medicine for my anxiety and just basically stabilized and ready to send to the jail..When I was on the gurny in the hall I heard the aggressive officer bragging to the nurses about his encounter with me and he seemed very pleased with himself and boastful. But I did not see him get any tratment for his supposed poke in the eye ( he was unharmed) I am not a violent person!!!! The paperwork didnt get to the jail in time so I spent 3 days and 2 nights in the local pokey without my medicine having one rolling panic attack after another...Finally I get my bail hearing and post bail 10% of $3,200..I opt for a court appointed lawyer.. I have tried calling him several times and have emailed him and I never got any response at all regarding my case...So i finally get a call from my Public Defenders assistant saying 1st the charges of criminal trespass had been dropped and 2nd the grand jury had indicted me on felony obstruction of a officer (poking him in the eye)..I have a discovery hearing coming up and the assistant said I dont need to bother to show up for that and my lawyer would call me sometime after the discovery hearing..I dont like the way this smells and would appreciate real constructive advive regarding my case...Thanks to all th reply and have read this entire statement in advance....

    Who I am White male , good neighbor and good citizen of my county for the last 10 years. No criminal history except a unpaid check charge 20 years ago when I was a kid...No tickets no nothing

  • Sun, May 9 2010 7:08 PM In reply to

    Re: Felony Obstruction of officer (Georgia)

    honestly, I did not read your entire post.

    I can tell you this.

    My ex-wife called 911 while she was biting and hitting me.  I got away because I knew the police officer who arrived and I had my bags packed and ready.

    I honestly don't care what anyone here tells you, I can tell you from first hand experience, it's not fair to a man in most places.  My wife hit me, bit me in my hand, and chased after me with a baseball bat.  Guess who they were taking to jail?

    When the police arrived at my doorstep, my wife was out in the driveway, hitting me with a baseball bat. 

    Care to guess who they were planning to take to jail?



  • Sun, May 9 2010 7:27 PM In reply to

    Re: Felony Obstruction of officer (Georgia)

    hire a good lawyer!

    have no contact unless absolutely necessary

    My ex used 'any contact' as leverage

    if you have no children, walk fast!  far fat away!

    if you do, well, all talking is done with your lawyer

    don't even try to be nice

    just to what you must do legally

    unfortunately, being nice seems to be shown as weakness

    good luck!


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