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  • Thu, Jan 8 2009 3:56 PM

    Question [=?] second opinion/rehab

    I received a copy of a letter to my treating physician to respond to the second opinion Dr.s' report. It stated that he opined that I had reached MMI and that I could work 8 hours WITH restrictions. I have not received a copy of this report. Should I ask my dr. for it and request an appt. with him to discuss the situation?

    I know from recent appts. with my doc.that we are on the home stretch with in 6 months or so of continued PT when he will declare me unable to return to previous position and suggests vocational rehab training. The second opinion agreed that I could not return to previous position during the appt. He said he couldn't suggest Voc rehab even though he thought it would be ethical for me to get after 28 years postal service.

    I was officially retired from PS on the VER Dec 31, 2008. the retirement is not enough to live on and I would really like to put it aside and stay on OWCP and get rehab training so I could have a chance at a future. Is this possible or is this like beating my head against a wall? since I am not physically able to go to another job as of yet I will be losing my house if taken off of OWCP.

    thank you for your consideration of these questions.

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    Feedback [*=*] re: second opinion/rehab

    Should I ask my dr. for it and request an appt. with him to discuss the situation?

    Absolutely. Tell him not to reply until you speak with him/her. If your doctor replies and agrees with the second opinion, you have blown the chances of getting a referee examination because there will be no conflict in the medical evidence requiring the scheduling of a neutral referee. That is what you stand to lose. Of course, if your doctor actually agrees with the second opinion, he/she ought make that fact known in a letter to OWCP.

    If you are physically capable of returning to work in either a full or modified capacity, this is what you need to do. If this is not the case, and you cannot work, then you must prove this by the the weight of the medical evidence.

    Forget about vocational rehabilitation until it is determined that you are partially disabled. If the USPS does not want you back, vocational rehab., what whatever it is worth, will start. You can deal with that aspect of your case separately. Concentrate on one thing at a time.

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    Question [=?] re: second opinion/rehab

    thank you for your response. I know that I need to be patient after three years of this but I am having a harder time than ever right now not knowing what is going to happen.

    It sounds like you are saying that if I am found to be partially disabled for my position by both doctor's then it goes back to the USPS. they will say I am retired and not their problem anymore, then I MAY get some kind of voc rehab.

    Have you come across anyone who has gotten a two year training program? I haven't found anyone yet.

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    Feedback [*=*] re: second opinion/rehab

    Please do not interpet the response I wrote
    as I do not know your exact circumstance so
    I cannnot give you an accurate picture.

    My agency could not accomodate my injury status
    thus they forced me to go on disability
    retirement thru OPM.

    Once on OPM I opted for OWCP as they paid
    more and I had a better chance for re-training
    to a better job.

    Once I reached MMI, OWCP initiated a Rehab
    Specialist to get me back to work. My RS proved
    to be very helpful and was able to get OWCP
    to send me to a junior college for IT training.

    I was very fortunate to get that opportunity a
    and your circumstance may be entirely
    different thus I cannot make any statement
    that says you will get the same oppotunity.

    Each OWCP case is different and so you need
    to keep yourself informed as to you rights and
    be sure that you agency gives you correct input
    at to your rights, etc.
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    Feedback [*=*] re: second opinion/rehab

    Please disregard my last response. It was
    meant for another person and not you.

    I am sorry for responding in your message. Thanks
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