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onionsayswhat wrote Disagreeing w others is no right for others to be aggravated
on Thu, May 9 2013 11:35 AM

"Keep in mind that the tone and volume of your posts aggravate others."

All due respect to you - others got aggravated with me simply because I did not agree with them.  That is no cause to then post rude and impolite comments about me.  I do not have to agree with posters and when I don't - they have no right to then insult and abuse me- which is what happened because I don't agree with them. They aggravated me too - but I did not attack them over that.  Only when they insulted me.

 "You come across as over the top. When you felt insulted by Cica, you posted at least 10 responses to her in 15 minutes, either calling her a "fool" or posting quotes about fools. It's more than a little much."

OK - it prob was overkill - I apologize - but her first comment to me was over-the-top, rude, and impolite too.  Why do you condone that - but then criticize me for responding?  Yes I overdid it - I admit to that but then why does Cica get to insult me and be rude?  I did nothing to warrant Cica's response - simply because I did not agree with "some" of the other posters.  I was polite to everyone - but others were not polite to me and you are not acknowledging...

Do you mind if I please ask - why are you not deleting the Cica post?  What she posted is unilaterally rude and impolite and disparaging to me when I had not said anything to her (at that point) nor done anything to her to warrant that.  It also adds nothing to the question except negativity.

In my opinion, just because a few posters become, "aggravated" with me because I do not agree with them does not license them to insult and impune me. These posters who insulted me were all out of complicance with the rules.  I know you deleted most of them - and I thank you for that but you have not deleted the Cica post.

All due respect to you - I am not attempting to be argumentative but I do not think you are being fair to single me out and not concede that these posters were insulting to me - prior to me stating anything to them.

And I disagree with you - it DOES matter who insulted who first.  If I am minding my own business and someone insults me - that does make a difference. 

I was a gentleman and polite to all - so then - you seem to have singled me out - for RESPONDING.  That is not right.  Yes - I went overboard but if those posters had not insulted me first - there would have been no derogatory posts by me.

I am warranted to stand up for myself and not tolerate others insulting me.

I am sorry I chose the wrong way to respond - responding in kind.

In the future I will use the abuse feature.

"You simply are not allowed to speak to others that way here."

nor should others be allowed to speak to me the way they did.

I hope we can move forward but you seem to have singled me out when others insulted me and have not held them accountable.

Do you mind if I ask - why have you not deleted Cica's rude and insulting post?She has added nothing to the conversation and is in violation of the rules regarding rudeness.

I would have sent this message to you in private - but I don't see any way of doing that.

Thank you.

Amir Ali Tayyab wrote Hello Angie
on Fri, Dec 24 2010 8:26 PM

Could you pls. remove my name from the post at or if possible remove the whole post altogether as my issue has been resolved and Google brings all people to this post? Thanks in advance. Amir (

on Tue, Mar 17 2009 5:34 PM

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