• Re: Who is usually granted temporary custody while separation?

    Unless you have a court order, nobody. Although its never a good idea to forbid the other parent from not seeing the child unless you have a circumstance that allows it. You should talk to an attorney.
    Posted to Divorce - General (Forum) by OliviasMom on Mon, May 22 2017
  • Re: I have had a low credit score

    Without knowing your credit score, impossible to know. Keep paying everything on time, and you should pull your credit score to see where it is at. Obviously if your score is too low you will not be able to get a mortgage. This site is for US law only but in general, you should be working on getting your score up as high as possible. 700 and up is always
    Posted to Credit and Collection Problems (Forum) by OliviasMom on Thu, May 18 2017
  • Re: Wrongly accused of armed robbery

    Are you in the US? The timing of this pick up sure is just happened to pick them up after they commited a crime? Why would you even bother going out with someone without a vehicle? I am sure there is a whole lot to this story we don't know. It sounds like you already have an attorney if that is what a barrister is.
    Posted to Criminal Law (Forum) by OliviasMom on Fri, May 12 2017
  • Re: IL Alimony

    In the orig divorce it should have been stated aslimony ends at a date with no extention. Of course she is going to try and get it for as long as possible. I would imagine he needs to submit to have it lowered.
    Posted to Divorce - Alimony (Forum) by OliviasMom on Thu, May 11 2017
  • Re: Auto Insurance - Rear ended by uninsured - no collision cov.

    I would also sue the kid for your deductible or at least go after his parents if they own the car. Whoever owns the car and let him drive should be paying your deductible IMO. Do you not have medical coverage? This is a good exampe to not be underinsured or not have any, medical or auto wise.
    Posted to Insurance Claims (Forum) by OliviasMom on Wed, May 10 2017
  • Re: Co-Parent Moving out of state

    What he is wanting is absurd and does not exist and would not entertain that nonsense for another minute. He needs to understand if he moves, he will basically lose any joint parenting time he has. He needs to understand also your current state has jurisdiction and all court matters will remain in MI. I would let him know up front a new visitation schedule
    Posted to Divorce - Custody & Visitation (Forum) by OliviasMom on Wed, May 10 2017
  • Re: Divorce and visitation (MD)

    He has zero rights to the kids. He likely will not get anywhere. I hope she is more careful on bringing men around usually a step parent or boyfriend will not treat the kids like their own and that is kind of sad. I hope he was not too awful to them.
    Posted to Divorce - Custody & Visitation (Forum) by OliviasMom on Mon, May 1 2017
  • Re: Television taken from me!!

    It sounds like it was your TV and a gift. So you can sue her for the value of the TV. Your paperwork trail though might be hard to prove.
    Posted to Small Claims Court (Forum) by OliviasMom on Tue, Apr 18 2017
  • Re: Canadian mother married to US work visa holder; custody Q

    Honestly I would have moved already. I do think you have more leverage if you have the baby there, establish residency and jurisdiction. If you know you do not want to stay in the US I would have been gone already but that is just me. You need to contact an attorney. I have no idea if his arrest will affect his residency I am sure its possible he will
    Posted to Divorce - Custody & Visitation (Forum) by OliviasMom on Tue, Mar 28 2017
  • Re: What to expect - Visitation

    well its obvious your son is not capable of flying alone and I highly doubt a judge would order that. Also the airlines will not allow a severe special needs child to fly UM. Flight attendants are not babysitters fo special needs. It would be flat out dangerous for everyone involved so that should not even be an option. If your ex wants to visit with
    Posted to Divorce - Custody & Visitation (Forum) by OliviasMom on Sat, Mar 25 2017
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