• Re: Co-Parent Moving out of state

    I agree with the attorney. Switching schools, every other year like this is crazy and this is what would be required given the logistics. She is not a teenager yet, but in six short years, she will be and she really will want to to be with her friends and probably will raise "a huge fuss" about going back and forth like this. However, he will
    Posted to Divorce - Custody & Visitation (Forum) by Kivi on Tue, May 9 2017
  • Re: Television taken from me!!

    You can always take her to small claims court for the return of the TV or for the value of same, and then see what happens. But, this one is and will be a lot of he said/she said. I would not hold my breath. You were living together, but you were not married. Presumably, you both watched it while together. Ergo, marital property division rules will
    Posted to Small Claims Court (Forum) by Kivi on Tue, Apr 18 2017
  • Re: I want to settle my bodily injury claim on my own but . . ??

    It's only been about three months since your surgery so you probably are not "permanent and stationary". I personally would be reluctant to settle a claim like this one so soon after such major surgery. Neither I nor you would really know at this stage whether you will get somewhat better or not, but any injury that has kept you off work
    Posted to Auto Accidents (Forum) by Kivi on Fri, Apr 14 2017
  • Re: What to expect - Visitation

    He created the distance. It is his problem if he wants visitation. He cannot force you to return to MI. As for what the courts may decide about your eleven year old son with severe autism, if you have competent medical testimony that he cannot handle flying by himself, then it is unlikely that a court would require him to do so. You may very well need
    Posted to Divorce - Custody & Visitation (Forum) by Kivi on Fri, Mar 24 2017
  • Re: Are they allowed to fire me?

    Essentially, employment law only regards a termination as "illegal", if you are temrinated because of a protected characteristic, such as your race, sex, ethnic background, and a few others (some of which vary by state). Some states may also protect you if you were engaged in unionizing activities or whistleblowing activities or if you were
    Posted to Employment Law - Illinois (Forum) by Kivi on Tue, Mar 7 2017
  • Re: Can They Really Do This?

    Certain Federal agencies, such as the Dept. of Defense (DOD) and the Dept. of Homeland Security DHS), with its many law enforcement subagencies, may have written policies about cell phones in place already. The Dept. of Justice, with its many law enforcement subagencies, probably has such policies as well. Federal agencies,the like Dept. of Heath and
    Posted to Employment Law for Employees (Forum) by Kivi on Sun, Feb 26 2017
  • Re: New HHS rule on Child Support--case closure?

    The new rule likely gives the state ssome discretion to close cases where collection of the arrears is "extremely unlikely". Examples of such situations may include ones where the obligor is known to be "deceased" or residing overseas in a country that is not a signatory to the Hague conventions or in situations where the state has
    Posted to Divorce - Child Support (Forum) by Kivi on Sun, Feb 26 2017
  • Re: Repossessed vehicle in Florida.

    The creditor can sue her and get a judgment. With a judgment, which would have to "domesticated" in MA if the judgment if entered by a FL court, the creditor could try to levy her bank account. Make certain that her bank knows that her only income is from pension income plus SS. Generally speaking, pension and SS income is exempt from a bank
    Posted to Debt & Bankruptcy - Florida (Forum) by Kivi on Wed, Feb 22 2017
  • Re: 50/50 on deed to a property with an ex, never married

    If you two cannot agree on a split, then you have to ask the courts to decide the issue for you. For the amount involved here, small claims would not be an option. You would need an attorney, probably a real estate attorney. Courts usually decide these issues by ordering a partition sale. Unfortunately, a partition sale is akin to "a fire sale"
    Posted to Real Estate (Forum) by Kivi on Mon, Feb 20 2017
  • Re: Individual sold me a truck that belongs to a dealer no title

    If yo think you have been scammed, you can make a police report, but I would expect the authorities to tell you that it is a civil matter. You can take him small claims court, if the amount involved is within the limits for small claims court in your state. Even if you win, however, you still have the problem of collection. And, of course, you will
    Posted to Automobile (Forum) by Kivi on Thu, Feb 16 2017
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