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  • Re: Trustee failed to transfer deed - california

    [quote user="SW93304"]She has not given me any money from the sale and from what I understand she is suppose to split the money with the beneficiaries.[/quote] You cannot have it both ways: you keeping the home and her selling it and giving you your share. If you take your share of the money then you are acknowledging that the home was legally
    Posted to Estates, Wills & Probate (Forum) by ClydesMom on Sat, May 20 2017
  • Re: A question on closed credit accounts

    [quote user="jv1597"]My dad closed two of his capital one accounts recently, and as far as I know the accounts were completely closed, and frozen. [/quote] The consumer voluntarily closing the accounts means they can no longer charge to it. It does not mean the creditor cannot charge interest on any remaining unpaid balance. [quote user="jv1597"
    Posted to Bankruptcy/Debtor & Creditor (Forum) by ClydesMom on Fri, May 5 2017
  • Re: I want to settle my bodily injury claim on my own but . ...

    [quote user="EllenG"] What details did I give that makes you say that?[/quote] ALL of them. You have a complicated case with serious medical issues. The problem with spine injuries is that as you age MOST people have some sort of bulging disc or even a herniated disc or two. Proving that the accident alone caused all of the problems can be
    Posted to Auto Accidents (Forum) by ClydesMom on Sat, Apr 15 2017
  • Re: Relocation Bonus feedback

    [quote user="Taxagent"] But it depends entirely on (1) the exact terms of the agreement and which state’s law governs the agreement and (2) the attitude of the people running the company for whom you work.[/quote] I will throw out a possible third and fourth factor: WHY the employee is leaving and the budget. I worked for a company that
    Posted to Employment Law for Employees (Forum) by ClydesMom on Sun, Apr 9 2017
  • Re: Persuing a claim without an attorney

    [quote user="Loooking"]In California where I'm going to have my case it is very hard to find a lawyer for medical malpractice case especially when the surgery was elective.[/quote] The surgery being elective has NOTHING to do with it. Whether there is malpractice or negligence DOES. [quote user="Loooking"]This basically gives
    Posted to Medical Malpractice (Forum) by ClydesMom on Mon, Apr 3 2017
  • Re: Fair value of loss of use

    [quote user="vvaldellon"] I have read posts mentioning that this is a gift however I believe this is just compensation to make me whole for the inconvenience of not having my vehicle available to me.[/quote] The compensation to make you whole for the inconvenience would be reimbursing you for the expenses incurred in renting another vehicle
    Posted to Automobile (Forum) by ClydesMom on Sun, Apr 2 2017
  • Re: Persuing a claim without an attorney

    [quote user="jerryrocks"]On the nurse - one great nurse could be in the middle of all this, she was upset that the doctors (2) wouldn't own up their foul-ups- she'll be beneficial to talk to before firing the first salvo of a claim, but I do not wish to jeopardize her job and status, if she is even at that same hospital still. I found
    Posted to Medical Malpractice (Forum) by ClydesMom on Thu, Mar 30 2017
  • Re: Persuing a claim without an attorney

    [quote user="jerryrocks"]Anyone here a MP lawyer?[/quote] There is one lawyer on the boards from CA but site rules prohibit soliciting clients from the boards. Many of the attorneys who volunteer their time here do not take clients from the message boards regardless. [quote user="jerryrocks"]Know a way to find a nurse at a hospital
    Posted to Medical Malpractice (Forum) by ClydesMom on Thu, Mar 30 2017
  • Re: My wife and daughter were in a wreck a month ago

    [quote user="ca19lawyer2"]What a load of nonsense.[/quote] It isn't and I will try to explain but listening with an open mind isn't one of your character traits. Chiropractic Sham From the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) JAMA Does not recommend Chiro for back pain "Of all the alternative medical systems out there
    Posted to Auto Accidents (Forum) by ClydesMom on Wed, Mar 8 2017
  • Re: My wife and daughter were in a wreck a month ago

    [quote user="Flousc"]Why can't they just bill National General since their driver was at fault?[/quote] Because National General is not YOUR insurance company. You are not their client. They owe you nothing until you reach a settlement or you sue the driver/company and a court of law says they owe you. [quote user="Flousc"]What
    Posted to Auto Accidents (Forum) by ClydesMom on Wed, Mar 8 2017
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