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rachaelp wrote very intelligent and mannerful man
on Sat, Apr 23 2011 12:37 PM

he has helped me more than any of the other legal lurkers on this site. without ford i would have never found a solution to my situation, thanks, ford, your the best

Miss Magoo wrote Always has good information!!!
on Wed, Apr 20 2011 8:38 PM

I always learn something new when reading one of Ford's posts, he has great information and says things precisely and to the point. If I ever need a lawyer, I hope to get one as good as him!

geminigirl773 wrote Entrapment or just wrong
on Fri, Oct 8 2010 9:38 PM

I really like your answers if you have time will you please visit my question and see if it warrants my energy in hiring an appeal atty Thank you

fritz43 wrote Always Good Information
on Sat, Jul 11 2009 12:45 PM

Always appreciate your posts.  You always have good information and put in a way that is easy for the layman to understand.

Latin5050 wrote 4 False Counts of False Resistance
on Fri, Jul 10 2009 1:06 PM

I really enjoy Ford's posts.  He has a lot of good information.  In fact, I look for his replies first.  If myself or any of my family should ever need a good attorney, I would hope for one with his knowledge and experience.

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